Pets for Seniors

A good or bad idea?

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  • An Animal Hospital In Adelaide Will Keep Your Pets Healthy

    Small pets require proper medical care, and that is what an animal hospital in Adelaide will provide for your pets. In addition to fresh food, clean water, and a warm place to sleep pets also require routine medical examinations, as well as emergency medical care for any injuries they might sustain, or any illnesses that […]

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  • Tips From A Vet For Maitland Cat Owners

    Cats are wonderful companion pets that require little effort due to their independent personalities and self-sufficient nature. There are some incidents and issues, however, that will require the assistance of a vet for Maitland cat-owners, and some avoidable occurrences that could jeopardize these feline friends’ safety and well-being. Most cats have some inherent behaviors and […]

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Psychological Benefits

One of the biggest psychological benefits of having a pet includes helping with feelings of loneliness. A pet won't replace human reaction, but it can help someone feel a little bit less alone.

Physical Benefits

As strange as it sounds, owning and caring for a pet can actually change you physically. Pets can decrease blood pressure and stress levels. They can also affect hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

Social Benefits

A pet can affect your social life by getting you out of the house moreā€”even if pet clubs aren't your thing. Who knows who you might meet while out walking your dog?